Level 2
Founded in 2008 by Head Coach, Marisa Watts Cozort, Swim South Bay is the "boutique" team of the South Bay.  Through coaching, running swim lessons, teaching and being a parent herself, Marisa created a team in which she would WANT to put her own children into.  BAY caters to the needs of the busy Bay Area family; to those who want to "try out" being on a swim team, to those who have made our sport a part of their family life, and everyone in between!  With no mandatory volunteer hours, required number of practices to attend each week and coaches who do not believe that swimming is THE most important part of your swimmers' lives (but rather a part of the bigger picture), that leaves us with a group of water lovers who ENJOY being at the pool!  Swim South Bay has a group that fits the needs of every swimmer. 
Our aquatics staff emphasizes individual and team growth with professional guidance that stresses a thorough knowledge of the sport, a healthy lifestyle and the spirit of sportsmanship. You entrust your children to our coaching staff and we hope to provide them with a safe and nurturing environment. We seek to provide an opportunity for all water lovers, regardless of age and ability, to reach their highest personal potential as both people and athletes. We understand that winning is much more than a place at the end of a race or score at the end of the game . Our staff is committed to helping your children grow in character, physical development and skill.  But most importantly, we hope your water lovers will have fun!    

BAY was founded on the  premise of teaching “balance” to our swimmers. Too many youth sports today follow  the “all or nothing” approach to sport and to life. Our staff believes  there is  more to life than swimming and we encourage our athletes to experience all  it has to offer. We hope our swimmers learn to love our sport just as much as we do, but encourage them to live beyond the pool. There are ways to maintain a healthy balance of  family, school, faith and sports.  BAY provides one path while helping your children learn, grow and excel in swimming.  Many of our swimmers have already found swimming to be their “calling” and have BIG goals ahead of them. We will encourage, train and help each and every one of them  reach their individual goals -- no matter how big or small.

We provide four major practice groups for our swimmers:  Senior and Varsity (advanced competitive), High School Prep, JV+ and Junior Varsity (intermediate competitive), Gold and the Seasonal Race Team (for beginners and intermediate swimmers.)  

The Swim South Bay Coaching Staff and I are dedicated to the success and improvement of our team as a whole and of each individual swimmer. We are confident that you will enjoy the BAY experience and wish you success in your swimming endeavors.

Please contact us at [email protected] to schedule an evaluation before registering into our program. 

Good luck, have fun and swim fast!
Marisa Watts Cozort
Head Coach/Founder of BAY