Level 2

As you know, Caroline loves athletics and, while I expect her athletic prowess to continue to develop, what I most want her to be is happy. Swimming with Swim South Bay has made her happy and, as a parent, that is truly all I want.  - Clark (parent)


Thanks for being such an important, positive part of a challenging, complicated phase of our daughters' development. It's been a great 5 years--from breathless 25-yard-laps of butterfly that they/we weren't sure they could do, to personal bests at Champs and Zones. - Eileen (parent)


I wanted to tell you that I saw something beautiful at the OAQ meet - team spirit!  As the swimmers waited for their heat, they were saying things to each other like, "good swim," "good luck, so-and-so," "great news, you got seventh!"  I saw the 7-, 8- and 9-year olds supporting each other, I saw older girls encouraging the yellow caps, and I saw new friendships being made.  - Gwyn (parent)


What you are fostering in these kids is a LOVE of the sport that will stay with them for life. - Becky (parent)


Thank you for running such an amazing swim program.  The kids can't wait to get back in the pool! - Catherine (parent)


We are very proud of him and his achievements this past year.  Back at last year's winter training camp, Ethan wrote down his goals of lowering all his times and getting 3 JO's. He now has 5 JO's and 1 FW, and is a ball of swimming enthusiasm and energy right now.  - Bob (parent)


Just a quick thank you for all the extra you do for my kids. They have found such a LOVE of the water and I attribute it to your wonderful way and style of coaching. Thank you so very much. - Elizabeth and Peter (Parents)

She loves swimming (she says she feels like she's flying when she swims...) and I'm thrilled she has found a place where she can excel and feel comfortable. You guys have a good thing going...keep it up! ((:

- Amy (parent)


I have to say, I am so impressed that the team makes every swimmer feel important and well-coached and not just the top swimmers.  - Chris (parent)


You are  amazing.  Thanks so much!!!!  Maya LOVED her first day of swim team.  She was so proud of her "blue cap" that she wanted to wear it to bed.  Thanks again!!!  - Christine (parent)


Thanks for everything you do for the Program.  We appreciate your hard work and the love you extend to all the Swim South Bay kids. - John and Stephanie (Parents)


I know Perry joined last Spring and just swam Spring and Summer Race team but I really feel that you have grown this team into that, a real team.  I don't know if you know this (maybe based on Perry's jacket) but he and his sister swam for 3 years at another local team (granted, cheaper) but they never really paid attention to the kid.  So, thanks for paying attention to Perry.  I really feel that this is a program to actually grow skills vs. just work out.  - Kerry (parent)


We appreciate your setting a positive and realistic baseline from which she can develop.  It's only been a couple of weeks, but we are very impressed with the organization and execution of communication/practices/events/etc. - Randy and Jeanette (parents)


[Christmas Training] James and I both were able to bond with some of our younger teammates, as well as strengthen our relationships with our older teammates and good friends.  Also, we both enjoyed the constant interaction with our teammates.  I think we can all agree that the skits were some of the best memories from camp! The video recordings really helped us both attempt (we still have some work to do with my dive, Marisa :) to fix our technique. All and all, the camp was a very positive experience for all of us, and all of us swimmers are very thankful for our wonderful coaches!  Can't wait for next year!

-Michael and James (former swimmers)

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we enjoy being a part of SSB!  You have fostered a really excellent community of families that seem to enjoy each others' company!  It hits the right balance between competitiveness and fun and we are really having a great time.  - Arwen (parent)

Reasons to Swim for BAY

1. To meet other people

2. To compete

3. Because I love swimming

4. Exercise

5. Challenges

6. To talk with friends

7. To stay healthy

8. It's all I've ever done

9. To be in the water

10. To have fun   

 - Jack (swimmer)