Level 2
Membership Information
Race Team is charged a session fee that includes all fees (except off-site weekend meets.)  Gold, JV, JV+, Prep, Varsity and Senior pay an annual team fee to cover insurance, on-site events and administration.  They also have monthly dues. These monthly swim fees are the principal source of income. Because BAY is dependent upon regular receipt of these funds for a substantial portion of its income, it is an essential obligation that fees are paid each month and on time. The fee structure is based year round participation of each swimmer (regardless of illness, vacations, summer plans, etc). Swim fees are due each month no later than the 1st of the month. There is a late charge of $10.00 for fees that are received after the 10th of the month for which they are due. If such late payments are repetitive, swimmers may not be permitted to continue with their practice sessions until all amounts are paid.  Questions about billing and fees should be directed to Head Coach, Marisa Watts Cozort, [email protected].
Team Equipment
All equipment and apparel can be purchased online at our website (www.swimoutlet.com/swimsouthbay) Swimmers should wear a team cap when racing (if they wear one!) and a suit of their choice.  We do have a team suit available for purchase at Illusions Activewear in Campbell (370-3954.)  If they would like to order a personalized cap, check the "team apparel" link on the "Parent Info" tab. Check sites for details and pricing.
Participation in our year round swim team program is continuous (for Gold, JV, JV+, Prep, Varsity and Senior.) Once enrolled, you are in active standing with our swim club for one season, until you select to discontinue the program. Continual enrollment means your child remains on our roster month after month, and you are billed the monthly dues every month. You must register to attend most of our special events, including meets, clinics and off-site social events. For your convenience, you can enroll through the Events Tab of the website.
Please pay close attention to deadlines; as we cannot accommodate late requests. Enrollment remains effective for one season. Once the season ends (July), your re-enrollment is required to secure space on the team the following season. NO SWIMMER IS AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED IN THE NEW SEASON.
If we have reached the maximum number of participants in a practice group, your swimmer will be placed on a waiting list. Once a spot opens up, the first person will be contacted. The swimmer may wish to waive this spot on the team but remain on the list for an opening in a later month.  We will continue down the list until the spot is filled. We can not guarantee a spot will open up for any waitlisted swimmer, no matter their previous affiliation with the team.

Discontinuing the program

It is your responsibility to inform us in advance if planning to leave the program. Please email Marisa if your child will be discontinuing the program, for a short duration or indefinitely, before the last active month of participation commences. (For example- to cancel swim team for December, please submit your withdrawal no later than November 30.)  

Swim Meets
To sign up for a meet, please respond to the email requesting meet participation. Follow the directions on the team website under "Events" tab.  Late entries are not accepted for meets. Due to the increased competition popularity, we may be denied entry into a meet despite submission prior to the deadline.
We swim in C/B/A+ Meets, Intersquad Meets and selected Invitationals. Our sports ranks swimmers based on their times for each stroke, distance and gender in an age group. These age groups are: 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15 and up. When a swimmer first starts competing, they will either enter with a C qualifying time or no time. As the swimmer progresses, they obtain improved times reaching for B, A, JO, PRT, WZQT times, each qualifying them for different levels of competition. 
Parents are expected to attend swim meets with their swimmers. Please do not leave your child alone for the long day at the meet. The coaches will be there to coach your swimmers, not supervise them in between events. Our club may also be required to fill a lane with timers-- a great way to meet other parents and learn more about the sport!
We are proud of our integrated communication system and hope that you will stay current on all Aquatics events. Please keep your membership info current on our TeamUnify website (with any changes of your address, email and contact numbers.)
·          Email- Once a week, we send a “News from the Pool” email with updates and reminders for the following week.
·        Telephone- We will only call you if something unexpected has happened. If your swimmer has not been at practice for a week, and we don’t know why, we will call to check on things.
If you have concerns regarding your swimmer, please discuss all issues with your child’s coach before or after practice. PRACTICE TIME IS NOT THE TIME TO HAVE CONVERSATIONS WITH YOUR SWIMMER’S COACH- that is coaching time for your swimmer! Coach Marisa is available to discuss concerns regarding the program, your swimmers or the team via email, personal meeting or over the phone (please leave a time that is convenient for her to call you back.)
Supporting your Swimmer
·        Encourage positive thinking
·        Communicate with your child’s coach
·        Make sure you have all the information you need: Are you on our email list? Updated contact info?
·        Encourage consistent attendance
·        Encourage time management with swim practice and school work
·        Attend your swimmer’s meets
·        Volunteer with and for your swimmer
·        Encourage healthy habits (adequate sleep, nutritious food and plenty of water)
·        Let your coach be the coach
Please refrain from attempting to “coach” your child, as they are likely to listen to your advice, which impedes upon the lessons we are teaching. Please address any concerns with your swimmer’s coach or Coach Marisa in private. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to providing your swimmer with the most professional, personal and advanced coaching techniques available.