Level 2

We’re on vacation!  When do we makeup our missed practices? (this also applies for “my child is sick/at science camp/at violin class” and would like to makeup practice.)  Unfortunately, we cannot offer makeup practices for missed workouts.  With over 400 swimmers on the team (and 238 of them in the blue and yellow groups that meet on certain days), if we allowed swimmers to come to practices other than their designated days/times/pool, our groups could swell up to triple the size on any given day.


My swimmers is on the PHS Race Team (blue or yellow group) and will be doing “dryland”.  What does “dryland” mean? Our super fun dryland workouts are offered to those who are displaced due to home polo games.  Swimmers will meet in athletic apparel and shoes outside the pool bathrooms for a “PE style” class that’s geared to get their heart rates up, meet new friends and interact with their teammates OUTSIDE of the pool. 


Why bring shoes for my swimmer to wear after practice?  Bare feet are prone to many avoidable injuries.  By just slipping on a pair of flip flops or “regular” shoes, you can avoid stubbed toes, stepping on sharp objects and other nasty boo boos.  You’d be surprised what lurks outside the pool gates!


What to do if my swimmer will miss practice?  If you remember, shooting us an email is great!  (Especially if it’s for an extended period of time.)  We do not offer makeup classes for missed practices.  


What if I miss an event deadline?  Our deadlines are chosen to meet the outside deadlines we have from event coordinators.  There are very few times when a swimmer can be added after the fact, but sometimes it can happen.  Please do your best to meet the RSVP deadline.  A great way to meet deadlines is to sit down with your family calendar and the team website open on your device/computer and RSVP yes or no to all the different events we have coming up this season.


What if my swimmer is tardy to practice?  They should check in with their coach BEFORE getting in the pool, as well as sign in on the attendance sheet.


What should they wear to practice?  Definitely a swim suit.  Whatever fits them is great.  Many boys find that jammers or briefs are the easiest to swim in.  Most 2 piece suits for girls tend to “ride up” a bit and make it harder to swim in.  You do not need to buy them a special “team suit” for practice or meets.  Wear what you have!  (But Illusions Activewear, at 138 Gilman Avenue in Campbell, does carry our team suit and a collection of other great locally made suits of all sizes.)


Swim shirts? Let’s skip those.  They make it WAY harder to swim and actually swim CORRECTLY.  They are like wearing clothes while you are drowning.  While we are trying to practice proper strokes, let’s practice that in the easiest way possible for your kids.


Goggles?  If they are used to them, yes.  Do they NEED to wear them?  No.  


Caps?  All those in Race Team will get a blue or yellow cap on their first day.  All Race Teamers need to wear these caps.  Gold, JV, JV+, Prep, Varsity and Senior boys- caps are optional (but great for longer hair.)  Girls in these groups with longer hair must wear caps.  


Sunscreen?  If your swimmer puts on their sunscreen at least 15 minutes BEFORE getting in the pool- YES!  Hooray for sun protection.  If you put it on right before they get in the pool, you are wasting your money as it washes right off.  


Towels and shoes for after practice? Bring them.  They will need them!


Where to meet before practice begins?  At PHS, we meet near the blue popup tent outside the pool office.  At XG (Crossgates), we meet near the pool.  Coaches need to check swimmers in on attendance sheets BEFORE swimmers get in the pool (for safety, we need to know WHO is in the pool at all times.)  Do not have your swimmer just hop in if they are running late; stop and see your coach BEFORE they get in the pool!


Parking? At PHS, we are guests and need to drive with respect and courtesy in the parking lot.  There are many events going on throughout the evenings.  It’s not worth an accident to rush through.  At Crossgates, we are also guests and must drive with courtesy and respect in the neighborhood and small parking lot.  If we get neighborhood complaints, we will NOT be able to use the facility.  Please drive safely and slowly in and around the pool and park to let your swimmer in or out of your car.


When to pick up your swimmer?  Your swimmer should be picked up within 5 minutes of practice ending.  They cannot just “wait outside at the curb” until a parent arrives.  Coaches cannot stay past the contracted times of the facility.  Please plan accordingly and pick up your swimmers at the conclusion of their practice time.


How do I get one of those super cool BAY car stickers?  Glad you asked!  We have them available for free in the PHS pool office or from Coach Spencer at Crossgates.  If you snap a picture of the sticker on your car and email it to us, you will be entered in the monthly raffle drawing to win a $50 credit on your club account.


How do I get one of those big swim jackets?  Parkas (or deck jackets) are great for the swimmers to toss on after practice (or for parents to snuggle beneath while the kids are swimming.)  We have custom team parkas available on our apparel site (see team apparel link under parent info tab above), but you can also order generic navy parkas online thru www.swimoutlet.com or amazon.com (they come super fast this way.).  Some families order those and then get a team patch to sew on.  Either ones are great for the kids!!!


My swimmer has never done a swim meet.  When should they try it?  The best way for your swimmer to try the competitive side of swimming is during our “Friday Night at the Races”.  We have two offered this Fall (10/16 and 11/6.)  These are perfect for them to try two different races in a super low key setting, winning ribbons as soon as they finish and having a pizza dinner at the conclusion of the mini-meet.  Swimmers check-in between 4:30-5:00, warm up from 5:00-5:20 and racing starts at 5:25.  We are done in about 45-60 minutes and have pizza for everyone (parents, friends, siblings) at the conclusion of the last race.  To get in on this action, be sure to RSVP on the website.  Swimmers will choose their 2 events on race day.


How do I buy team apparel? All team gear can be purchased thru the team apparel website:  http://www.mysportpacks.com/category_s/435.htm  With the new site, we are able to offer a wider variety of team gear and have it shipped directly to you. There are no mandatory pieces of apparel for any member on our team. Suits will only be ordered twice a year (April for June delivery and October for December delivery), caps/parkas/backpacks will only be ordered 4 times a year.  If you are not finding a certain type of gear on the site, please email me your requests and I’ll work with our vendor to get it added to the shopping list.